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Going to a UK exhibition - need a portable display stand or modular kit?

UK Exhibition Stands and Portable Display - http://stands.4-exhibition.co.uk

If you attend trade shows, exhibitions or other public events you will want to promote your business with relevant graphics and display stands appropriate to your needs. For frequent use the modular systems give you the ability to structure your display in a flexible manner which suits the particular venue in terms of size, shape and location.

Looking for hypnotherapy courses or training in the UK North West?

The Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapy Training - http://ahh-hypnotherapytraining.co.uk

If the recent television demostrations (for example the recent Sky series with Paul McKenna (MacKenna?)) of the power of hypnotherapy have convinced you that your mind is capable of controlling your stress, phobias, anxiety and many disorders usually treated by medication then you may be interested in becoming a hypnotherapist. The Manchester Academy of Hypnotherapy Training is currently running a series of accredited training courses based on the many years of practical experience by two of the most highly respected practioners in the UK.

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